No Man's Sky Latest News And Updates: False Advertisement Cleared; Mac Version Release Date; Virtual Reality A Possibility?

By Jayde Winston - 01 Dec '16 09:19AM

No Man's Sky had faced multiple complaints from different gamers to their steam page. The details of the false advertisement were recently cleared out by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) stating that Hello Games did not exaggerate the game experience.

ASA stated that No Man's Sky did not breach the code of advertising. Hello Games provided a four-hour trailer video to ASA for them to judge if the company indeed false advertise. According to ASA, the company the advertisement provided by Hello Games was "consistent with the gameplay footage" as reported by Polygon.

ASA have also cleared out that No Man's Sky is not a repetitive game with same graphics. A statement by ASA says that No Man's Sky has 19 quintillion planets to explore with different contents and graphics, therefore proving that each gamer has its own individual experience.

Since the release of No Man's Sky new update, Hello Games have received multiple admirations from its fans. Currently, the Mac version of No Man's Sky is rumored to be released mid-2017 following the release of PS4 and Xbox One version according to a blog post by Macworld. Although there is no confirmation yet from Hello Games, the Mac Version was predicted to be not a possibility.

Also, Sean Murray considers Virtual Reality for No Man's Sky. According to a blog from PC advisor, Sean Murray stated that they are thinking of Morpheus, Oculus, and other VR for the sci-fi game No Man's Sky. He also added that Virtual Reality would be a perfect fit for space combat and exploration.

Furthermore, No Man's Sky new update patch 1.1 "The Foundation Update" proves that Hello Games are working on other possibilities to make the game even greater. Although the most awaited Multiplayer mode still have not been discussed by Hello Games, fans are awaiting to see the next big thing for No Man's Sky.

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