'Final Fantasy 15' Guide: How to Get All Astrals to Summon for Aid in Battles

By Mara T - 01 Dec '16 23:19PM

One of the best thing about "Final Fantasy 15" is when players can summon astral monsters to help them in any of their fights. astral are considered as gods in the FF world and are very strong beings. There is a total of six astral gods in the game and players can summon them to fight on their side in any of their quest or battle.

In order to get these astral to fight, players must find their exact location and that is what this guide will provide.

Summon astral Titan in "Final Fantasy 15"

Titan is the first astral players will encounter in the game. Players should expect to meet him as they go on with the game's story in chapter 4. Titan is a great help in big areas and usually shows up in the overworld. His potential moves are throwing huge rocks and punching the ground.

Summon astral Ramuh in "Final Fantasy 15"

Ramuh appears in chapter 5 which is right after the encounter with Titan in chapter 4. Fortunately, players don't need to fight him to get it on their side but just to finish a series of quests. He can be called anytime for help, whether it be outdoor or indoor.

Summon Leviathan in "Final Fantasy 15"

The next astral is Leviathan the water god. This god will be acquired as the player completes chapter 9. Unlike the other god, this astral can only be summoned when in a place with a big body of water.

Summon Shiva in "Final Fantasy 15"

Shiva is one of the strongest astral to join the player's team. An encounter with this astral will happen after Chapter 12 and players can summon it anywhere, even when time traveling.

Summon Bahamut in "Final Fantasy 15"

Unfortunately, Bahamut can only be summoned during the main story of the game but no longer after that. Bahamut is one of the strongest astral in the game so players are a bit disappointed it cannot be summoned throughout the game.

Summon Carbuncle in "Final Fantasy 15"

Carbuncle is considered to be a special astral that will guide the player through the tutorial and can be acquired after completing a set of tasks. If players finish the demo until the end, they get to change the name of Carbuncle.

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