Update To “Team Chapecoense” Brazil Plane Crash: 71 Killed 6 Survivors, What Really Happen?

By Love Marie - 30 Nov '16 06:47AM

It's a tragedy in Brazil last Tuesday when "Team Chapecoense" had a plane crash on their way to Colombia. "Team Chapecoense" enjoying the win on South America Regional Tournament but ended up a sad incident.

The plane is from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and the accident happened when the team is going to Colombia but the plane crashed in the Andes Mountains. The latest news of death toll including some "Team Chapecoense" on the said tragic event is 71 persons leaving 6 survivors. The Six survivors are still battling their life, includes 1 journalist name Rafael Valmorbida, 2 soccer players name Helio Hermito Zampier and Alan Luciano Ruschel, plus a Goal player name Jackson Ragnar Follman, while there are 2 crews of the plane who also survived naming Ximena Suarez, a flight attendant, and Erwin Tumiri an aircraft technician.

The key to knowing what really happened is to interview the survivors including Ximena Suarez, the flight attendant who's now in a stable condition and Erwin Tumiri the aircraft technician. It's going to be a heartbreaking news for the 3 surviving players of the "Team Chapecoense" to know that other team members are now gone, the survivors are also currently receiving health care.

On the report of ABC7, according to the Colombia's aviation agency, just before 10 p.m. on Monday (0300 GMT Tuesday) when the British Aerospace 146 short-haul place declared an emergency and lost radar contact. There is also a report that the caused of the plane crashed is running out of fuel before landing at Jose Maria Cordova airport. Some Authorities stated that an electric failure triggered adding up the heavy rainfall when the plane crashed. It is said that even for the best pilot, it can still be a challenge when a total electric failure occurs. On the 77 onboard passengers of the plane, there are 4 people who choose not to join the plane journey on the last minute. This 4 persons said that none of them are part of the Brazilian soccer team but they're still lucky.

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