Windows 10 Tips And Tricks: Playing Games From Store Offline

By Zeus Labrador - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

Active internet connection is required so that running Windows Store games on a PC will run smoothly. After hearing out consumer complaints, Microsoft has removed this requirement. Offline play is now available in Windows Store. This request has been pending long enough that the company is no lagging behind its competitors.

Although Microsoft has allowed offline play for Windows Store games, there are still limitations from the main features. For instance, the player cannot make any additional purchases, leaderboards will not display game progress, and players cannot showcase their achievements. Until a connection is established, these features will not go off.

On top of that, only a single device can be designated as an 'offline device' at a time. Changing of offline devices is allowed but only thrice a year. A lot of steps are also required to go offline gaming. Most games with campaign mode, however, will be playable offline. Of course, multiplayer games need an internet connection.

How to set a Windows 10 device as designated offline device to play Windows Store games:

First, users need to ensure that they're online. The latest Windows updates are also needed to push this thru. To check if so, go to Start, Settings, then select 'Update & security'. Once there, check for Windows Update option. Users can check here if there are pending updates.

After checking out all requirements above, users need to open the Windows Store. A prompt will pop out for signing in, if there wasn't any sign in happening earlier. Once signed in, users need to click on the 'Me' icon on the upper right-hand corner.

Once there, select Settings, and then Offline Permissions, this needs to be activated by making sure the toggle is set to 'ON': 'Make this PC the one I use to run some games or apps that have a limited license, even when I'm offline'.

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