'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Episode 7 Spoilers & Updates: An Unexpected Reunion, How Long Can Garcia Keep A Secret?

By Ileen Jasmine - 30 Nov '16 06:20AM

After a brief hiatus off air due to the holidays, Criminal Minds is finally back on television. The show's teaser trailer recently released by CBS, it seemed like this episode will be another great one.

The sneak peek reveals Tara's brother stopping by on the show. However, the family's reunion escalates quickly into an UnSub situation.

Tara (Aisha Tyler) went on to meet her brother, Gabriel. However, it will be revealed that she will be meeting another man who's not Gabriel. The man who claims to be Tara's brother will be played by Alimi Ballard.

This character believes he is truly Gabriel, and Tara is his sister. The man knows every single detail about the siblings' lives. The worst part is Tara won't be able to contact his real brother.

In an interview with TVGuide.com, Aisha Tyler revealed what Tara's plans are regarding this case saying: "This is the first case on the show that's hit [Tara] personally,"

She also added "And you see how it affects her and how she goes about not just solving the case but learning more about her and her relationships with her brother and her father. We spent a lot of time talking about who Tara is, what her experiences have been and what brought her to the FBI and generally with profiling, and a lot of that comes together here."

Criminal Minds season 12, episode 7 was directed by a fellow cast member, Joe Mantegna. The episode titled "Mirror Image" will also focus on Garcia and how long she could keep a secret.

Garcia will be put in an experiment to see how long she could keep a conversation private. When she learned about Tara's brother, Gabriel, they were timing when she would tell anybody about the information. Garcia would last 12 hours.

Catch Criminal Minds on CBS every Wednesday 9/8c.

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