‘Final Fantasy XV’ Live-Action Trailer Released; Reasons Why ‘Kingsglaive’ And ‘Brotherhood’ Anime Should Be Watched First Before Playing

By Shor M - 30 Nov '16 04:10AM

The video game “Final Fantasy XV” has just been released worldwide and it is already creating quite a stir in the gaming world. Even prior to the release of the game, it has gained so much attention that thousands have anticipated for it all around the world.

Ten years since its initial announcement, Square Enix has finally given an official date and name for the latest Final Fantasy installment. Unlike the other titles, this one even has a movie and animated series released before it made its debut on video game consoles. “Final Fantasy VII” may had spinoffs such as a video game, namely “Final Fantasy Crisis Core” and several movies, but it was revealed only a few years after the said game was out.

Not satisfied with the animated series and the movie, Square Enix has unveiled a live action trailer of “Final Fantasy XV” the day before it was officially brought out to stores worldwide. The trailer titled “Stand Together” was announced as an official live action of the video game. It showcased one of the video game’s official theme songs, “Stand By Me”, which Florence and the Machine sang in their own version.

Square Enix probably has a lot more in its sleeves with “Final Fantasy XV” just being released. It unveiled two stories that should be watched before playing the video game. “Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV” was an animated series that revolved around the four main male characters of the game and focused on their relationships and their journey to the saving the damsel in distress.

Meanwhile, “Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV” was a CG-animated movie that was released in July 2016. It was sort of a prequel that showed what caused the turmoil that players are experiencing in the current timeline of the game. The movie was voiced by prominent actors such as Aaron Paul, Sean Bean, and Lena Headey.

The reason why these expansions should be watched before playing the game is simply to understand the story. Square Enix has revealed that unlike the previous Final Fantasy games, this one will not delve on character and story development in the video game as it has already released the series and movie for that. “Final Fantasy XV” was released on Nov. 29 worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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