"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 7 Spoilers: A Major Character Is Going To Get Ironed by Negan?!

By Ileen Jasmine - 30 Nov '16 06:00AM

In a teaser trailer recently released by AMC it was hinted several times that somebody on The Walking Dead is going to get the iron. The teaser only lasted a few seconds, but it was jam-packed with enough actions to keep the fans talking.

In the teaser, fans can see Negan addressing his people, talking about how they are the Saviors. This particular scene was taken straight from Robert Kirkman's graphic novel.

In The Walking Dead's comic series, Chapter 105, Negan did this before punishing Mark, one of his own people. "We bring civilization back to the world - we are the Saviors." was one of Negan's remarkable lines from the trailer.

The dialogue was straight from the comics. As a punishment, Mark was ironed in the face. Fans of both the comics and the TV show are already familiar with the iron, seeing as Dwight got ironed in the face himself.

Several fans online speculated that it could either be Carl or Daryl getting the iron. However, seeing as Carl already has enough damage on half of his face, it is highly possible that Daryl will get the iron.

In the trailer, fans can also see Daryl holding what seems to be a pole stick while Dwight looks down on him. In The Walking Dead comics, the pole stick is actually the handle of the iron used in burning people's faces.

Daryl getting burned in the face could be his punishment for not succumbing into Negan's rules. Or, it could be punishment for Carl's wrongdoings.

Remember, Carl hopped in one of the Saviors' trucks leading him to the Sanctuary. This means that Carl plans to take out Negan and his men, very much like he did in the comics. If he does succeed in killing some of Negan's men, the big bad wouldn't be too happy about that.

As a result, Negan could punish Daryl. Daryl's face getting burned will result to more similarities between him and Dwight.

On the other hand, it is highly possible for Negan to burn off one his people's face. However, that wouldn't be as impactful and exciting as him burning Daryl's.

Find out what happens next on The Walking Dead.

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