Iron Chef America Returns With A New Series Debuting Spring 2017; Is Alton Brown Returning As The Show's Host?

By Abe Narra - 30 Nov '16 05:00AM

The sudden stop of airing new episodes of "Iron Chef America" made diehard fans wonder if the show ended its nine years of run. Food Network revealed today that their speculations is false and another American spinoff of the show is waiting for the fans to be sizzled this spring 2017.

The network finally announced that "Iron Chef" and its American spinoffs franchise will finally make a comeback on the small screen. Not only have that, a new series called "Iron Chef Gauntlet" will debut in spring next year.

Variety reports that details of the new format are still confidential but it promises to offer new and exciting twists on the cook showdown that would entertain fans and food enthusiasts. The only confirmation fans can get from this show is that Broadway star Alton Brown will return as the show's host.

He confirmed this news on his social media channels, revealing a name tag that he was promoted to being a Chairman.

Brown also teased the news of reprising his hosting stints in "Iron Chef" America in his Facebook Live video last month. He also said that he had enough of hosting his other show called Cutthroat Kitchen.

Fans would not only see him now as the host of the show because Brown also revealed that a late-night variety show is on its way.

There are still no confirmation though about any of the chefs will be involved and seen with the show. Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Cat Cora, Michael Symon, Masaharu Morimoto, and Alex Guarnaschelli and others were the previous Iron Chefs in the American spinoff.

The original series ran in Japan from 1993 to 1999. Food Network made a spinoff called Iron Chef America and it had its premiere in 2006. It stopped airing new episodes two years ago and the network did not release a statement about this.

Fans speculated that it was already cancelled but with the recent announcement, did they hide their plans of having a reboot on this franchise?

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