Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 News & Updates: Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid Confirmed To Join The Show! Know Who Are The New Faces Of VS!

By Joyce Vega - 29 Nov '16 23:09PM

This year, “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” will be held in, no other than, one of the fashion capitals in the world, Paris! The “Victoria’s Secret” angels just flew to Paris in preparation for the show. It’s confirmed that Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid are walking on the show for the second time.

According to Elle, Kendall Jenner, is confirmed to walk the runway for the annual “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” with her best friend Gigi Hadid. Both models will be walking the show for the second time. After taking a “detox” from Instagram, Kendall Jenner is back on the social media site and she posted a photo of herself and three other VS models, Bella Hadid, Joan Small and Lily Donaldson. This is Kendall Jenner’s first visit in Paris since her sister, Kim Kardashian, was robbed last October.

A photo posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on Nov 27, 2016 at 5:53am PST

Kendall Jenner got the spot for “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” in 2015. During her interview with Extra TV, she admittedly said she was very excited that she almost cried during her first fitting. What makes it more amazing and fun for her is having to share the moment with her best friend, Gigi Hadid, who also got the spot in 2015. Kendall also shared that she felt that those moments were surreal.

Gigi Hadid is lucky enough to experience “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” with her best friend, Kendall. But, this year is going to be extra special since her sister, Bella Hadid, also got a spot on the show! There are other new faces who will walk the “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” runway this December, take note of these names as they will definitely be models to look out for. New models for this year’s show are Bella Hadid, Dilone, Alanna Arrington, Brooke Perry, Lais Olivera (yes, not Lais Ribeiro), Lameka Fox, Luma Grothe, Zuri Tibby, Herieth Paul, Georgia Fowler, Megan Williams, Keke Lindgard, Jourdana Elizabeth, Xiao Wen Ju, Grace Elizabeth and Maggie Laine, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Catch “Victoria's Secret Fashion Show” on December 5 at 10/9C on CBS.

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