‘Nokia’ Is Back Presenting A 2017 High-End Smartphone ‘Nokia Pixel’ With A 2K Quad HD Display

By Lester Mondragon - 30 Nov '16 07:11AM

After taking a backseat since "NOKIA" was catapulted by its brand name in the telecom business, Nokia is back and stronger as it takes company ventures to a new level and redeem its lost path. "Nokia" had some bad business decisions that ebbed its sales and financial standings. This saw the decline of "Nokia" assets and cash positions. The state of "Nokia" resulted to retrenching of about 12,500 workers last 2014.

It was only last May 16, 2016, that "Nokia" had made a deal with other conglomerates so it could bounce back to the market. It did so by selling a division of its operations to FIH Mobile of Foxconn and HMD, a new company in Finland. The "Nokia" division sold is the branded feature phone. Here "Nokia" will have a seat on the Board and shall provide licensing of patents and brand provisions.

With Nokia's emergence in the market, it shall be accompanied by the 2017 Android Smartphone in 2K Display. HMD Global Company is behind the resurgence of the "Nokia Smartphone" and the upbeat comeback in the mobile phone industry. Something that tech analyst's will have in addition to the lines of smartphones to review and decipher. "Nokia Smartphones" will be made by Foxconn.

The "Nokia Smartphone" will have dimensions of either a 5.2" or a 5.5" inch 2k Quad HD display, installed with a Carl Zeiss Camera and SD 820 chipset. The 2017 Nokia Smartphone will have Qualcomm's Processor called the Snap Dragon 820. It is quite questionable as the 820-processor had already been edged by the 821-chipset. These features on a smartphone indicate that it is no ordinary phone but will be on a high-end definition, as reported by Techworm.

The 2017 Nokia Smartphone will be known as "Nokia Pixel". It will be joining the Mobile World Congress Tech Event on February 2017 in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 to March 2, 2017, according to a statement from Digital Trends.

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