PlayStation VR Update: First Wave Brought Tsunamis in the Gaming World!

By Lei Velayo - 19 Oct '16 07:27AM

 Last October 13, 2016, Sony ended the long wait of the gamers all over the world, with the birth of its PlayStation Virtual Reality or PSVR, which made loud resonance since the outgrowth of VR technology in modern industry.

         As PlayStation VR made remarkable sales on its first throw, as per CNBC, Sony stated that they are supposing 2.4 million PlayStation VR unit sales this year, they also expect that PSVR would complement the sales of the main unit PlayStation 4 alongside with PlayStation Pro and PlayStation 4 Slim.

         Unlike the other new generation platforms, PlayStation VR got a lot to offer. The Week stated six of its launched games. Here are the three best joints you should look forward to.

First is Job Simulator, which makes you feel like you are in a real world work, this game would be perfect so you can feel like you have a job, or you can just get one.

Next one is, Rez Infinite, Sony had this at early 2000s. They revived it for PlayStation VR, evolving it into a sci-fi epiphany. It is referred as psychedelic game, good thing is, only one person could wear the headset.

Lastly, Play Station VR Worlds. It is fundamentally Sony's in-house launch game for PS VR. It is a collection of VR-compatible games that consists of five titles to showcase PlayStation VR's capabilities.

But seems like Sony is not the only one to harvest the crops. According to Wired, other platforms such as Xbox One and Wii U, have some compatibilities with the PlayStation VR for it supports HDMI ports.

Pricewise, based on News Atlas review, it would be really tempting to get PS VR instead of the official hardware, for PS VR retails at $299, while Oculus Rift is marked at the tentative price of $500, and HTC Vive at $800.

Sony's skyrocketing its way up. It could be a hit that can prolong if they will continue generating new ideas and updates or it is a slip that can result an ultimate downfall if they would halt like they did to PS Move, PS Vita, PSX or PSP Go.

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