Amazon ‘Family Vault’: A New Way To Share Photos And Videos With Family And Friends

By Jojan Mathew - 19 Oct '16 05:26AM

Amazon has added another significant feature to Amazon Prime and it is "Family Vault". It helps users to share their photos and videos with family members and friends. Users of Amazon Prime will find the new option in "Prime Photos" and it comes without any extra amount. The prime members can share their photos with five people. It helps users to view and collect others' photos in Family Vault, claims Amazon.

Photos and videos to Family Vault can be uploaded individually or in batches by anyone who got access to the group. Each Prime Photos member would have option to invite up to five family members or friends to their Family Vault. It gives unlimited storage of photos and users get 5 GB space for videos and other files. Previously, users had to send the links of photos to their family and friends, but the new option enables them to share the features with family and friends, reports The Verge.

"Prime members of Amazon like unlimited photo storage, but some of them found it difficulty in collecting and organizing media files from multiple devices into a single account," said David Nenke, Amazon's director of Prime Photos. "Family Vault is launched to upload, safely store and share the beautiful moments of the family within the members," cited by Fortune. The firm initially had an Unlimited Photos plan charging $12 a year, but later it repealed and gave free access to all the Amazon Prime members.

Prime Photos also added a new search option that helps users to search for photos based on people, places, things etc. It is expected to help the users to find the specific photos they wanted. Each user can search photos of his family members and friends by filtering according to location, date etc. The Prime members can print their photos, cards, photo books online and it would be delivered to them by free shipping.

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