Apple MacBook Pro Updates: Lighter,Thinner With More Types Of USB Ports?

By Jaswin Singh - 18 Oct '16 23:01PM

Apple will be releasing the new MacBook Pro at this coming October 24 event. Apple will also announce every specs and update the MacBook Pro is getting in its software and hardware.

It was first reported that Apple might announce news about new MacBook Pro during the release of iPhone7. However, nothing was mentioned, and the event was all about the new iPhone. According to Recode, Apple has been hinting about the updates for MacBook Pros. Apple has released MacOS Sierra but does not have a device for it. Apple has also timed the released for the holiday season sale. More than a year has passed since the last update for MacBook Pro. Apple has been putting it off several times to perfect the new devices.

MacRumors reported that the new MacBook Pros would have two versions, the 13-inch model and the 15-inch one. It will also have many updates on its hardware and software. On the surface, the new MacBook will visibly be thinner but not like MacBook Air or the Retina MacBook. It will also have shallow curves around the edges plus a broader pressure-sensitive trackpad and a more leveled keyboard. It will also add OLEH touch panel.

The Verge stated that the new MacBook Pro would also have an update about its USB ports. The new MacBook Pro will not be incorporating the traditional USB ports and instead the new Macbook Pro will have USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports. It will also not use the company's MagSafe charging connector.

The updates will definitely delight many Apple and MacBook fans but it may surprise others too. On the other hand, this strategy was also used when Apple released the 12-inch MacBook. Customers, however, are hoping that Apple will leave the headphone jack alone and not remove it like with the iPhone 7.

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