'Greys Anatomy' Season 13 Spoilers & Updates: Izzie Stevens Coming Back? Arizona Has New Love Interest?

By Joyce Vega - 18 Oct '16 22:16PM

Season 13 of “Greys Anatomy” may have already started, but the surprises do not end. One of the most surprising and yet, anticipated reveals of this season, is the return of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl).

Inquisitr reports that the original cast member is expected to make a surprise return along the series of “Gerys Anatomy” Season 13. The constantly rising popularity of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) is one of the pretexts for returning the character.

Alex Karev is Izzie’s former husband, and they haven’t had any real time to create closure, since the episode Izzie sent Karev divorce papers. Them meeting once again, will be a turn point for the series and its fans, since it will manage to return old feuds and emotions and bring them to an end, or a possible continuation.

Another fact supporting the theory is that Alex Karev works in the same clinic, which Izzie had funded some time ago. Shonda Rhimes, the how’s creator has shown herself as someone who can achieve her goals and if Izzie returning into her show is part of her plan, then the appearance of Katherine Heigl’s character cannot be evaded.

According to Entertainment Weekly, another surprise to hit viewers on “Greys Anatomy” Season 13 is Marika Dominczyk’s guest-star role on the TV series “Greys Anatomy”. Dominczyk will play a character named Eliza Minnick, where additional information about the character is being kept secret.

While Callie (Sara Ramirez) is gone from the show, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) will move on in her romantic life, executive producer Shonda Rhimes announced. She herself confirmed that the character of Arizona will have a new love interest introduced to her during the unveiling of the new season.

If nothing else, “Greys Anatomy” has proven that even after 12 concluded seasons, in Season 13 viewers can still expect twists, turns and unexpected returns. Here is a sneak peak for the upcoming episode.

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