'Naval Criminal Investigative Service: New Orleans' Season 3 Episode 4 Spoilers & Updates: Sebastian's Kidnappped, Meredith Brody Comes Back?

By Joyce Vega - 18 Oct '16 22:17PM

A shocking revelation has been done about “NCIS : New Orleans” Episode 4.The upcoming episode “Escape Plan”, fan-favorite character Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) will be kidnapped by an unknown perpetrator, while having a peaceful meal with his mother in a restaurant.

TV Guide reveals that “NCIS : New Orleans” Episode 4 promo trailer shows Lund’s mother (Wendie Malick) experience a complete nervous breakdown, on screen, experienced due to the kidnapping which happened right in front of her eyes.

Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) is not one to stay with his legs crossed, awaiting the miraculous return of his friend. He is ready to use all his skills and available technology at the NCIS’s to track down Sebastian and find out who are the people who snatched him from the restaurant.

Sebastian himself pulls together all the knowledge he has acquired during his work in the NCIS and the experience gained from his gaming hobby, so he can find a way to release himself and probably escape from his confinement.

Morning News USA gives additional insight on the development of “NCIS : New Orleans”, the future of the series, its characters and cast members. It is revealed that Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) may not appear in the series anymore. Due to in-cast problems between the producers and the actor, the character may be written off the series. Zoe McLellan demanded a raise of her actor’s salary, which the producers turned down. This could mean the end of Meredith Brody in the “NCIS : New Orleans”. 

The actress is missing from the cast member list of Season 3 and will most probably not be included in future seasons. Two sad news may be too much for the fans of the series to take, but that doesn’t stop them for hoping on the best in both Sebastian’s fictional life and Zoe’s real life experience.

No matter where things turn, “Escape Plan” will be released on October 18 and the schedule of future episodes is regularly set.

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