Chris Paul News & Update: Will Chris Paul Survive Playing Evem With An Injury?

By Michael Saluna - 18 Oct '16 06:14AM

Having the best point guard such as Chris Paul is a great advantage for the Los Angeles Clippers to compete in the NBA season game. However, he is now suffering a certain injury in the hand specifically at the left thumb that might cause him to rest for a while.

That injury was from the incident that had happened before against the opponent Gerald Henderson. Chris Paul's hand was being snagged into the opponents' shorts who was executing a layup.

Chris Paul was attending their Saturday's practice while suffering the pain but didn't come on Sunday for another practice. In spite of that, he was still able to play the remaining preseason games. His injury will not be the reason if he could not play any of the games especially the regular season games. There's nothing to worry about his injury, it is nothing more than a day to day hurdle, according to Clipper Holics.

It is not big deal for the team if Chris Paul will not be around during their practice, but during the real games, that will really a big issue. His situation is not a serious one according to Doctor Rivers, who permitted him to play the remaining preseason games on Monday and Tuesday. Facing with Utah and Sacramento teams will prove that his injury is not so serious, Ocregister reports.

Chris Paul's team is preparing to get on with the regular season with their new backup Raymond Felton. However, he is expected to attend the collective bargaining talks in New York on Wednesday

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