‘General Hospital’ Update [SPOILERS] Who Is Charlotte’s Real Father? Does Nathan Have Another Child? Maxie’s True Motives In Getting Secret DNA Test

By Eileen De Santos - 18 Oct '16 03:39AM

Things in "General Hospital" are getting intense. While everybody believes that Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) is Nathan's (Ryan Paevey) daughter, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) believed otherwise. Did Claudette (Bree Williamson) really lie to Nathan?

Why Maxie Did Suspects An Anomaly?

There were some obvious loopholes, if you may, in Claudette's story. First is the hair that was used in the DNA test. It came from a locket and the color of the hair is quite different from Charlotte's hair. Claudette said that Charlotte's hair lighten as she grew, probably because of sun exposure. Then there's the color of the eyes. Both Claudette and Nathan have striking blue eyes.

Maxie device her own plans of getting Charlotte another DNA test in an attempt to expose Claudette and her secrets. But come to think of it? Where did Claudette got the hair? If it is not Charlotte's, does this mean that Nathan had another child that he doesn't know of? Could Claudette really have the upper hand?

Spoilers for General Hospital revealed that Nathan is not Charlotte's real father. Maxie is really hoping that Nathan is going to be on her side when she reveals that he is not Charlotte's father. Different sources are reporting that allegedly Nathan and Maxie's relationship might suffer once the news that he's not Charlotte's father hits him. Nathan might feel betrayed that Maxie did the test behind his back but will soon realize that Maxie is just trying to protect him.

Who is Charlotte?

When are they going to reveal Charlotte's real identity? Could Charlotte be Lulu's daughter from the embryo? Could Charlotte be the daughter of Claudette and Valentin Cassadine? There's a lot hanging on Charlotte's identity. It can make or break Maxie and Nathan's relationship and of course, Claudette's status in the family.

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