Overwatch’s Sombra Latest News & Update: The Game’s New Hero Keep Fans Thrilled; Game Has Over 20 Million Players; Photo & Description Leaked By Russian Overwatch Group Days Before Halloween Event

By Maria Alamban - 18 Oct '16 03:41AM

A few weeks back, a leak of Overwatch's new hero Sombra has surfaced over the internet, as released by a Russian Overwatch Group. The URL was immediately taken down and a screenshot of Overwatch's Sombra was left on a forum.

It was on Reddit where fans got a first look of Overwatch's Sombra after the URL leak was taken down. Because of this, gamers released all their personal theories regarding the new hero and why her existence has to be launched on a Halloween event. With how amazing Sombra looked like in the photo, some fans assume that she will not play villain. Some fans even repeatedly mentioned Zombie omnics as a possible angle for Sombra's existence.

Forbes does not deny the fact, though, that this leak might be some fan creation - a very good one, at that. The magazine also tried to reach out to Blizzard, however, they chose to remain mum about the whole thing. The real question now is what powers do Overwatch's Sombra bring into the game?

Overwatch has an overwhelming following since its release last May. In just a few months gap, they have grown millions of new registrants. It was recorded last June that they were already able to collect 10 million players all over the world; by August they have grown the numbers into 15 million and today, there are already 20 million registered users, Gamespresso notes. It is also important to note that Overwatch got sold out on Amazon five days after it was released on the site.

According to a recent report from Express UK, Blizzard has also recently announce that in every Halloween event annually, they will be adding at least one new character to Overwatch that will become a permanent character. Overwatch is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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