Liz Warren: ‘Donald Trump Will Never Be President of the US’

By K. Avile - 18 Oct '16 05:33AM

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders campaigned together on Sunday in Denver for Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, lambasting Republican's Donald Trump by calling the latter a "selfish little sleaze ball." Speaking before some millennial voters, the 67-year-old senator declared Trump "will never be president of the United States."

The campaign focused more on convincing the crowd on why they should not vote for Donald Trump by reminding them of the series of gaffe Trump has had throughout the campaign period. "You know, I want to say this-that some people say it makes them sick to hear Donald Trump talk like that," said Sen. Elizabeth Warren. "Well not me. Donald Trump's words don't make me sick anymore. They make me furious," Warren was quoted as saying by CNN.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders capitalized on Trump's taxes. "I have been running all over this country for a year and a half talking about a corrupt tax system. And in one day, Donald Trump did more to explain the corrupt tax system to the American people than I did in a year and a half. Thank you, Donald," Trump said as quoted by CNN.

In a story published by the New York Times, Hillary Clinton is projected to be gearing up towards "a sweeping victory for Democrats at every level." Clinton is said to be aiming her campaign aggressively towards the Hispanic voters in Arizona, which, according to the story "has been ground zero for the country's heated debate over immigration."

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's poll gaps widen 20 days before the elections. They engaged twice in Presidential Debate with the latter being a subject of a parody by Saturday Night Live, where Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon portrayed Hillary Clinton. Trump went to Twitter and ranted about the lampoon show, saying "It is time to retire the show."

Watch the full 1st Presidential Debate below.

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