‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 3 Spoilers: What Will Happen In ‘A Matter Of Trust' Episode, Jessica Jones Comes In As DC Character

By Joyce Vega - 17 Oct '16 18:52PM

The series about the billionaire vigilante Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), battling crime under the guise of The Green Arrow, strike the little screen once again with the new release “Arrow” Season 5 Episode 3 – “A Matter of Trust”.

A synopsis of “Arrow” Season 5 Episode 3, shared on TV, reveals the basic plotline for the upcoming episode of the show. Star City will be threatened by a new villain, who goes under the name of Garret Runnels. As he terrorizes Star City, the newly unveiled characters Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez) will take-up the task of defending the city.

Sadly, in a rather tough way, he will realize that he alone is not enough to defeat this new enemy.
That will leave him in a rather unpleasant position. To know if Green Arrow will join up forces with him and save him, or will he let him learn his lessons the hard way, their relationship should be thoroughly explored.

Variety share some insight on the relationship between the two characters and how they are expected to go with each other, while fighting the tough fight of maintaining peace in Star City.
Wild Dog has been shown as a pretty hard-headed and straightforward guy, who doesn’t follow orders which go beyond his own beliefs or understanding. This proves rather unfortunate, as Green Arrow has been shown as a team player, who demands certain rules to be followed.

This direct opposition of traits has forced Oliver Quinn to shoot an arrow through Mad Dog’s leg as to show him that he has no place fighting crime on the streets. Even though highly egoistic and self-centered, Mad Dog still wants to do good, which will eventually help the two heroes develop stronger relations and join-up forces not only as teammates, but as true partners in the fight against the everlasting crime spree of Star City.

The new “Arrow” Season 5 Episode 3 – “A Matter of Trust” is to be released on October 19, on “CW”.

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