Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Smartphone Deemed Fire Risk, Banned From Commercial Flights

By Eileen De Santos - 17 Oct '16 18:47PM

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is effectively banned in many major airlines from around the world. The smartphone has been deemed as a fire risk after numerous incidents of it catching fire has been reported.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Air Flight Ban

The United States was the first country to ban the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all domestic and international flights, according to the BBC. International planes going to the US also instituted a similar ban. But other countries are also following the American lead.

The US Federal Aviation Administration initially advised plane passengers not to turn on the Galaxy Note 7 or charged them while they are still on board the plane. Packing them inside the luggage is also discouraged. But as of October 15, the Galaxy Note 7 is completely banned inside the airplane.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire

The Galaxy Note 7 is noted for its Stylus Pen, stylish features and very expensive price, according to CNET. However, it is now being recalled by Samsung due to the tendency of its battery to overheat and explode or catch fire. As of press time, more than a hundred incidents involving a Galaxy Note 7 catching fire has been reported. The incidents range from personal injuries to property damages.

Samsung has initiated the largest smartphone recall in recent memory. More than 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units have been recalled. Samsung did issue more than a half million replacement units. However, there have been reports that even the replacements are still catching fire.

This disturbing report has prompted to cease the production of the Galaxy Note 7 until the cause of the overheating batteries is investigated and remedied. The Galaxy Note 7 recall is certainly expensive on the part of Samsung. The Korean company is expected to shoulder the loss of more than $5 billon as result of the Note 7 recall. There has been no other official announcement from the company.

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