Academy of Art University's 2021 Spring Show Is Now Live

By Staff Reporter - 25 Jun '21 10:17AM
  • Academy of Art University's 2021 Spring Show Is Now Live
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Since Academy of Art University launched its online Spring Show on May 20, 2021, virtual visitors have been impressed by the level of artistic skill on display. As usual, the show collates an inspiring-and expansive-collection from art and design schools across the university. This year's graduating students-artists, designers, and creative thinkers-have dedicated hours to these creations, which are wowing viewers around the world. And there's much to explore. After all, the Academy has 22 schools, 70 areas of study, and more than 129 degree programs, each of which brims with talent and skill.

Every piece in this collection is a testament to the Academy's commitment to practical learning. Rather than simply practising their skills in traditional learning environments, students also make the most of hands-on learning experiences. The Academy makes this possible through opportunities for industry networking, interdisciplinary collaboration, mentoring, and real-work experience. Each of these opportunities helps students develop the skills they need to thrive in their chosen sectors upon graduation.

Who Is the Spring Show for?

The Spring Show combines several galleries, which give students the opportunity to share their work with the wider world. But it's not only friends and family who enjoy exploring the showcase. Over 1,000 industry insiders, recruiters, and talent-spotters also peruse the galleries every year. These professionals get to see what makes Academy graduates so employable, find rising talents, and see the future of art and design. 

Aspiring students also enjoy exploring the vast array of creations on display. Candidates often fall in love with the pieces and know the Academy is the university they'd like to join. These prospective students also get to take a closer look at how art school works, the techniques they'll learn, and what they could produce as an artist.

"Choosing the right college for you is an important decision," says the Academy's President Elisa Stephens. "It's not always easy but finding your place can be amazingly gratifying. One sure-fire way to see if Academy of Art University is right for you is to check out Spring Show 2021-our annual art and design exhibition featuring the best student work spanning 22 different degree programs. I think you'll discover a level of excellence reflected in the amazing student work that's tough to ignore. As any Academy student or graduate will tell you, art school changes everything. Academy students work harder than they ever thought they could. Our classes are rigorous-taught by some of the finest minds working in today's creative industries."

Here, we'll explore the galleries on show at the 2021 Spring Show.

Individual Student Work Gallery

Soon-to-be-graduate students get to experience what it's like to feature their work in an art exhibit by displaying their creations in the Individual Student Work Gallery. These students' Spring Show portfolios aren't just key to their assessments-they also act as their résumés. And what better way to celebrate these résumés than to put them proudly on display? This way, students can catch the attention of industry experts, who share direct feedback and sometimes even extend job offers on the spot. This year, the Academy has added a Portfolio Reviews page to the Spring Show website, where industry professionals who are looking to hire Academy students can get in touch directly. Companies that have hired Academy graduates include Google, Apple, Dreamworks, Ford, GAP, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Collaborative Project Gallery

The Spring Show also features numerous collaborative projects, which students have created with peers either from their departments or other schools in the university. There are always dozens of collaborative projects at the Academy, especially in corporate-sponsored classes from companies like Pixar, General Motors, and NASA. Students also collaborate in small study groups and even online, which is ideal for international students who are collaborating from different countries. 

Foundations Gallery 

The Foundations Gallery gives first-year students their chance to shine at the Spring Show. This gallery focuses on works undertaken in Foundations classes, where students immerse themselves in the basics of different artistic mediums to gain solid technical skills. Students take Foundations classes to qualify for slots on the Academy's accredited degree programs.

New Feature-Playable Games Gallery

Game fanatics will find themselves enthralled in this brand-new Playable Game Gallery. Students from the School of Game Development have crafted a selection of fully developed games that display exactly how the Academy offers hands-on learning models in its game design curriculum. And, for the first time, those who explore this gallery can have a go at the games themselves.

New Interactive Globe Gallery

The Interactive Globe Gallery is a tool that students and guests can use to find other Academy artists, no matter where they are in the world. This gallery complements the Academy's dedication to helping students and alumni build and expand their networks-paving the way for collaborative, academic, and professional growth.

Browse Academy of Art University's 2021 Spring Show

Like last year, the Academy has created an online space to share the Spring Show collection while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. While the Academy looks forward to inviting visitors to attend the show in future years, a virtual space means the Academy can extend its invitation to everyone, everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are-you can still enjoy the limitless talent on display at the Spring Show.

Explore Academy of Art University's 2021 Spring Show.

About Academy of Art University

Budding artists around the globe study Academy of Art University's industry-leading degree programs. And the Spring Show highlights the successes these artists achieve when coached by the Academy's leading artists. These professionals pave the way for artistic development in several creative industries, including Animation and Visual Effects, Architecture, Fashion, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, and Motion Pictures and Television.

The Academy nurtures an inclusive approach to higher education, welcoming students from all backgrounds. While many students relocate to study on the Academy's bustling San Francisco campus, others study remotely from various countries. Meanwhile, those who live in California but don't live close enough for a regular commute can opt for a blended approach, studying some classes from home and others in person. The Academy's revolutionary online courses make it possible for students to make the most of their arts programs, no matter where they live.

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