Property Managers Give You Back Your Time

By Staff Reporter - 12 Feb '21 16:09PM
  • Property Managers Give You Back Your Time
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Being a landlord can feel like having a second job, and most people don't have time to work two jobs. Even landlords with one or a few units need to attend to repairs, deal with contractors, and all kinds of other responsibilities, potentially at odd hours of the morning and night.

For investment property owners who are busy with work or would like to have some personal time to spend as they wish, working with a property management company is a great way to get your time back. Here's what property management companies can do for you.

Tenant Selection

Finding the right tenant takes a considerable amount of work, and having experience helps. A turnkey property management company gives you the help managing your property you're looking for at every stage, from tenant selection to everything else.

The best companies will connect you with a reliable, trustworthy tenant who will love making your property their home. Some even have a vetting specialist with a criminology degree, so you'll know your tenant presents no risks to the property or the community.

By sorting through prospective candidates and showing you only the best ones, you'll pick a great tenant in much less time than it would otherwise take.

24/7 Support

Landlords need to be available morning, noon, and night. Usually, there are no problems, and the tenant and landlord can go about their day. But there's always a possibility that something needs to be repaired or requires attention. 

When you link up with a property management company, they'll be on standby 24/7, so you can feel confident that the property will remain in good shape. You won't have time taken from your work or personal life, and your tenant will love knowing there's a responsive and professional maintenance process.

They'll feel safe and looked after, which is a big reason to continue renting your unit. 24/7 support helps give landlords their evenings, weekends, and vacations back, but it also helps your tenant feel secure in the long-term. 


The best property management companies have access to popular networks that can get your unit seen by the most people. Apart from their own websites and social media, look for a company that can place your unit in glossy magazines people actually read, like Toronto Life.

Tenant Relations

Once you have found the ideal tenant, landlords want to do everything possible to keep them satisfied. A happy tenant makes a happy landlord.

Look for a property management company that handles everything from collecting payments to servicing maintenance requests. Such companies handle the day-to-day operations so that landlords can enjoy peace of mind and some free time. 

A company that can satisfy your tenants and give you a sense of security while adding more hours to your day offers a valuable service indeed. Connect with a local property management company in your neighbourhood, and let them take what is essentially a second job off your hands.

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