4 Popular Myths about Tattoos and Tattoo Removal

By Staff Reporter - 18 Oct '19 12:03PM
  • 4 Popular Myths about Tattoos and Tattoo Removal
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You would assume that since tattoos have become the "norm" all of the misconceptions about them have disappeared. Sadly, the misinformation is still alive and well. Here are four myths about tattoos and tattoo removal that are still around:

1. Everyone Regrets Their Tattoos

Anyone who has gotten a tattoo has been on the receiving end of this lecture. Critics say that you'll eventually fall out of love with the image you choose or that it will look bad when you're older. If you ever need proof to counter this comment, you can point out that there are plenty of senior citizens with tattoos that are happy with their ink. 

2. Laser Tattoo Removal Will Scar

So, what if you don't end up liking a tattoo forever? If you want to get rid of it, laser tattoo removal is your best bet. 

Laser tattoo removal is meant to be a non-invasive solution that helps your body break down the ink. The image is supposed to fade over the course of the sessions until it's completely absorbed. The evidence of the tattoo is erased - or at least, difficult to spot at first glance. You should click here to learn more about laser tattoo removal appointments and how they work for different types of tattoos.  

Ignore the myth that laser therapy comes with permanent scarring. The risk of scarring happens when you go to an unreliable clinic for treatment. An inappropriate location will use the wrong laser techniques and fail to give their clients information about appointment preparation and aftercare. As long as you go to a reliable medical clinic, you should finish the treatment without skin damage. 

3. Black Ink Turns Blue

The current tattoo myth that black ink turns blue used to be a fact - approximately 50 years ago, the quality of the pigment changed over time. Developments in tattoo ink, equipment and technique have made this a problem of the past. You don't have to hold back on getting a black tattoo for fear that it will change colour. 

4. You Can Drink Before to Deal with Pain

Plenty of clients think that alcohol will be an effective painkiller and motivator when they step into the parlour. But, grabbing a couple of pints before seeing your tattoo artist isn't a good idea. For one, alcohol is a blood thinner - it will make you bleed more during the experience and bruise more after. The potential pain-numbing effects are not worth the consequences.

More importantly, many tattoo artists will downright refuse to work on drunk clients. Artists have a variety of reasons for this:

  • Drunk people are more unpredictable than other clients

  • They are more likely to pass out or faint

  • They are more likely to vomit

  • They are more likely to regret the experience once they're sober 

  • They can be boisterous or violent

Myths about tattoos are tenacious. They have been around for years, despite the increasing popularity of body art. Try your best to learn the facts about tattoos and tattoo removal, so you don't pass these misconceptions onto another generation.

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