A Charger that Packs a Punch with Class

By Staff Reporter - 06 Jun '19 11:12AM
  • RaVPower
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If you're thinking of a new charger for your car then you need look no further. We've got you covered. This is the kind you'll use and recommend for others.

This small but mighty RAVPower RP-VC006 charger packs two charging ports that provides up to 2.4 amps. Good enough to power your phones and tablets fast.

With this you can quickly recharge your phone or tablet or even both at the same time and they'll charge perfectly.

It comes with a glowing LED light, to enable you easily plug your cord in at night when it's dark without any form of distraction.

It comes in black, red, silver, and gold, so you have you have varieties of colours to choose from.

It is also backed by a lifetime warranty. This means you have nothing to fear buying it. The manufacturers trust their product enough to give a such a warranty.

You may have noticed the latest version which is the RAVPower RP-PC031. This is even smaller but I recommend the RP-VC006 version because some users and reviewers said it doesn't really reach the advertised 2.4-amp speed. Which invariably means slower rate charging.

You can find more accessories at great prices at autodoc.co.uk

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