Why is There Such an Increase in STDs

By Staff Reporter - 13 Apr '19 11:22AM

Millions of sexually active individuals throughout the world are diagnosed with STDs each year. When you become sexually active and have multiple partners, you drastically increase your risk of contracting an STD, or sexually transmitted disease. Understanding why there is such an increase in STDs and knowing how to prevent them and educate others about them is essential to protect yourself once you begin dating and becoming sexually active with your partners.

Why Are STD Rates Continuing to Rise?

Although it is now easier than ever to obtain protection and medication to prevent STDs from occurring during sexual activity, STD rates are still on the rise. STD rates are likely on the rise due to the rampant sexual culture throughout the Western world. In addition to a sexually liberating culture, STDs are also more prevalent due to a lack of healthcare or access to sexual health facilities. If students attend schools that do not teach sexual education or only support sexual abstinence, students are much more likely to indulge in sexual activity without the use of protection or necessary precautions, leading to the contraction of STDs.

How to Prevent the Increase of STDs

Preventing the increase of STDs begins with becoming educated about STDs and STIs. Anytime you engage sexually with a new partner, it is important to discuss your sexual health and the last time you were both tested for STDs. Always use protection including condoms whenever you are engaging in sexual activity, especially with a new partner. Never engage in a sexual act with a partner without protection or discussing your sexual health with one another, even if the partner vocalizes that they are free from STDs. In many instances of STDs, they are not physically visible, making them even more difficult to detect and diagnose with the naked eye. STD tests are essential to maintaining proper sexual health, even if you are currently in a committed and monogamous relationship.

The Importance of STD Education

STD education is key to prevent the contraction of an STD or the rise in STDs altogether, When teens and young adults are educated about STDs, STD prevention, and the proper routes to treat an STD, STDs are much less likely to spread. Stressing the importance of regularly getting tested for STDs with an STD panel is extremely vital for any individual who is currently sexually active. Anyone who is currently sexually active with at least one partner should be tested for STDs at least once every 12 months, even if you are in a monogamous relationship with your partner. When sexually active individuals are educated about STDs, they are less likely to participate and engage in risky behavior.

When you understand the root cause of the increase in STDs and you are readily prepared to protect yourself while using protection with a partner, date and pursue relationships in which you are sexually active. By keeping up with your sexual and physical health with regular screenings and STD panels, gain peace of mind before beginning a relationship with a new partner at any time.

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