A Green 2019 - How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

By Staff Reporter - 17 Dec '18 20:07PM

A common New Year's resolution these days is to try and live a little greener. With news headlines touting an urgent need to be more environmentally conscious in the face of growing concerns over energy consumption, homeowners have begun taking it upon themselves to be more eco-friendly.

It may seem like this kind of proactivity is difficult, or that it ends in a net loss for homeowners, but neither of those things is the case. Making your home more eco-friendly is easy, and the changes can save you money in the long-term on your energy bill.

With that in mind, kick off 2019 with a few of these green home improvement measures:

Let There Be LEDs

Replacing your old incandescent bulbs with energy efficient, long-lasting LED lights is a project that is both inexpensive and easy. With every passing year, LED bulbs are getting cheaper, and having them installed couldn't be simpler. As for their overall effect on the environment, in 2017 LED bulbs reduced an impressive 570 tons of carbon emissions.

Get Some Help from the Sun

For a larger project, consider installing solar panels on your roof, either as a DIY project or with the help of professionals. The first step here is sizing up your electricity usage and determining how large your solar system needs to be in order to offset your energy consumption. Next, check to see if your state or province offers a solar rebate program.

Watch Your Water Consumption

Aside from basic water conscious steps, like taking shorter showers and doing larger, more infrequent loads of laundry, you can also curb your water consumption by having a plumber install low-flow fixtures in your bathroom. Find a quality plumber adept at installations to walk you through the process, and be sure to ask for upfront pricing - you can click here to learn more about finding the right plumber for the job.

Cover Up

Insulation issues are a commonly cited inefficiency in homes. Drafty windows, cold floors and uneven heating are all signs of a poorly insulated house, and should be remedied with new insulation, better caulking and Energy Star certified doors and windows. Not only will these measures keep you warmer in the winter, but they will also save you from spending excess cash on your energy bills.

Make Small Changes

Finally, it's the little things that count - small, daily actions that reflect a growing sense of eco-consciousness. Try hang-drying your clothes more often. Unplug your unused appliances and chargers. Use cloths instead of kitchen paper. There are many minute ways that you can go greener around the house, starting with these 40 handy tips.

As a homeowner, your eco-conscious contributions, however modest or small, matter in the grand scheme of things. This year, take steps toward going greener by installing LEDs and/or solar panels, getting low-flow bathroom fixtures, properly insulating your home and making small changes in the way you consume energy. You will be rewarded with a lower carbon footprint and a lower energy bill.

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