Secret Santa Gift Ideas Approved By The Man With The Bag

By Staff Reporter - 20 Nov '18 20:53PM

When your gift has to toe the line between affordable and fun, participating in the office's Secret Santa exchange isn't always easy. You may find it a challenge to find the gift that satisfies your budget and your co-worker's hobbies. If you're struggling to come up with a present that strikes the perfect balance between the two, look no further. This list compiles some of the best gadgets and accessories sure to wow your officemate this holiday. From stylish accessories to practical gadgets, these gifts would do Old Saint Nick proud.

A Google Play subscription

There's always at least one person in the office who's never seen without a set of headphones in their ears. If you pulled the name of your resident audiophile, give them the gift of unlimited streaming with Google Play. A monthly or yearly subscription gets them unrestricted, ad-free access to Google's track lists, including full albums and podcasts from their favorite artists and producers.

A Bluetooth speaker

When they aren't at the office and bound by social niceties, they'll want to blare their favorite tunes as loud as they like. Whether at home, in the park, or in the car, they can hit play with a wireless speaker like the Anker SoundCore Nano.

As its name suggests, the Nano is small enough it can fit into a pocket, so it's the perfect travelling speaker. Despite its diminutive size, don't underestimate it. It blasts well-balanced audio that's on par with larger wireless speakers.

Pixel skins

If they have their finger on the mobile pulse, then you can trust they've already upgraded to the Pixel 3. Released late October, it's the latest premium smartphone to hit the market. You can impress them by leaving a set of Pixel 3 skins at their desk this holiday. With customizable options that include black matrix, concrete, and mahogany, Pixel 3 skins are a unique accessory that shows off their personal style. They also add a layer of grime-resistant and grip enhancing protection that saves the Pixel from cosmetic damages like scrapes and scuffs.

Just be forewarned, once you see how smooth the Pixel looks wrapped up in a skin, you'll want to get a skin for your Pixel 3, too. That's where the personalization of Pixel skins come in handy. There are enough designs available for you to create one look for your co-worker and an entirely unique look for you.

Google Cardboard

Hemmed in by a limit of $30 or less, you won't be able to wrap up a set of virtual reality goggles. But you can get the next best thing.

Google Cardboard is what its name suggests. It's a headpiece made out of cardboard with a slot designed to hold their Pixel. Its modest material makes it an affordable VR-adjacent gadget that lets them watch videos and interact with apps that support the Cardboard software.

A Fire tablet

For the co-worker who always has a nose buried deep inside a book, Amazon's Fire Tablet is a no-brainer. Equipped with an e-book app of their choice, it's an affordable e-reader that doubles as a typical tablet. The newest update brings a better battery life and more memory with 8GB and 16GB options, plus a micro-SD slot should their reading habits require more storage.

As a tablet, it comes equipped with Alexa, so it's wired to be a convenient assistant anytime they need an answer to a burning question. It can connect with any other Alexa-enabled device, including Echo gadgets, other tablets, and smart appliances.

Although primarily used for reading and online browsing, it's perfectly good for binge-watching the latest Netflix original or scrolling through Instagram.

Relax and embrace the season

When it comes to the gift you get out of Secret Santa, you're at the mercy of your anonymous co-worker. There's nothing you can do but to hope you get something you like.

Think of getting one of the above gadgets as a nod to karma. If you manage to wrap up one of these affordable, yet fun, presents this year, you should be able to unwrap something similar, right?

Even if your karmic credit doesn't pay off in this year's Secret Santa, you'll at least earn the title of the office's best gift giver. So trawl this guide for presents this year, and stop worrying about your gift!

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