Top Teams To Make Super Bowl LIII: Odds and Predictive Rankings

By Staff Reporter - 14 Nov '18 13:57PM

The Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, Rams, and Saints who will win it all in Super Bowl LIII? Let's have a look the odds for the Super Bowl on Bookmaker, a top sportsbook like its review confirms it.

The LA Rams +310

Despite falling to the New Orleans Saints, the Rams top the list of teams to win Super Bowl LIII. At +310 or just a little over three to one, the world seems to have faith in the Los Angeles Rams high-powered offense and big defensive front.

Sean McVay's squad boasts the No. 3 offense at 33.50 points per game, and the No. 12 defense, allowing just 23.10 points per affair. This is going against a 12th ranked adjusted strength of schedule. The Rams look great to go deep into the playoffs with a slightly easier strength of schedule (No. 14) remaining. But, their odds could change after their Monday night showing against the No. 2 offense in the League, the K.C. Chiefs.

The New Orleans Saints +360

The Saints took a 48-40 loss early on to Fitzmagic and the Buccaneers. Since then, the Saints have been marching towards the Super Bowl with the NO. 1 offense in the League. The Saints defense isn't that great, only No. 24 in the league, but since Week 1, no team has been able to match Drew Brees and his team's offensive efficiency. The Saints also sit at No. 1 in TeamRankings predictive ratings. Hurricane Drew and Sean Payton have the 8th ranked remaining schedule, but it shouldn't stop the Saints from breezing into the playoffs as first in the NFC South.

The Kansas City Chiefs +500

What can we say about the Chiefs other than, WOW! The Chiefs have a predictive rating of No. 3 and boast the No. 2 offense in the League. Patrick Mahomes is proving to be all that he was hyped up to be. Then there is the triple-threat Tyreek Hill and the explosive Kareem Hunt. The Chiefs have a predictive rating of No. 3. No. 2 offense in the League. Barring a catastrophe, they shouldn't have any trouble closing strong, as they have the #16 remaining strength of schedule.

We'll see what the Chiefs are made of defensively when they face the Los Angeles Rams in Week 11. One of these teams has to drop to 9-2, and Super Bowl outlook will surely change based upon the outcome of their Monday Night meeting in Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

The Pittsburgh Steelers +765

The Steelers had a bit of a sketchy start, but have found their groove without LeVeon Bell. At No. 4 in the predictive power ratings, it is likely that we'll see the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship game against either the Patriots or Chiefs. Tomlin's crew is well rounded. They are No. 4 offensively and No. 13 on defense. That said, they are 5th at stopping the run.

The New England Patriots +765

The Pats are not as strong as they once were, but they are still a dynasty. And anything can happen when Tom Terrific is standing behind center. The Patriots take some much-needed rest during Week 12 and then face the lowly Jets in Week 13. New England is rated as the #5 team in the league. They have the #7 best defense up to date, and #14 best offense. But with coach Belichick and Tom Brady around, their collective experience could march them straight into their 10th Super Bowl appearance since 1996.

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