‘One Piece’ Chapter 850 Spoilers, News: New Arc Confirmed, Big Mom’s Arc Is Ending Soon! Did The Yonkou Attack Reiju?

By Kara Wayne - 13 Dec '16 18:39PM

"One Piece" Chapter 849 left fans with a cliffhanger showing a severely wounded Reiju panting in a hallway. This sparked speculations that Reiju must have been attacked by one of Big Mom's lackeys. Could this cause a feud between the Vinsmokes and the Yonkous?

The highly anticipated Chapter 850 of "One Piece" is expected to reveal who attacked the Vinsmoke lady while the rest of the family are preparing for Sanji's wedding. It's hard to say that Big Mom was able to plot an attack on Reiju after all the happenings in the previous chapter where she was busy with Lady Pudding, Sanji, Luffy and Nami. However, it seems that nobody is capable of hurting a Vinsmoke that way other than the Yonkous or a Haki expert.

If it is to be considered that Reiju's attack was caused by Big Mom's army, the Vinsmoke family might be enraged by the situation. For this reason, it may be possible that they withdraw from the marriage agreement. Big Mom has long been clamoring for a wedding between Sanji and Pudding to ensue so the cancellation of the wedding might spring Big Mom's rage on "One Piece" Chapter 850.

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Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot were already freed from the Mirror World and this may come as good news to the Straw Hat Pirates. It was revealed on "One Piece" Chapter 849 that both of them can view the Whole Cake Island from the Mirror World. They can actually use every mirror in Big Mom's headquarter as a passageway to reach their friends and help them on "One Piece" Chapter 850.

It seems that we are reaching the climax of Big Mom's arc of One Piece. As per OroJackson, a new arc called Wano Country Arc is coming in 2017 as confirmed by the editor of the manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It was also revealed that the current arc is now 50 percent complete and the rest of the story will be told in a fast pace.

"One Piece" Chapter 850 spoilers in this article are not confirmed yet so fans are advised to take them with a grain of salt. In the meantime, tell us your prediction on who attacked Reiju in the previous chapter. Do you believe that the attack was caused by Big Mom?

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