Madam Secretary Season 3, Episode 7 Spoilers You Don't Want To Miss

By Ileen Jasmine - 17 Nov '16 08:50AM

In lieu of real-life political developments in the United States, the writers of the CBS series ‘Madam Secretary’ have been extremely cautious in their choice of pots. Up to this point, the series has never once hesitated in using sensitive issues such as terrorism.

The previous episode of Madam Secretary Season 3 has seen Elizabeth, Téa Leoni, trying to figure out who was behind a coffee shop attack. Elizabeth learned later on that the money used to bomb the coffee shop was from somebody who is related to the Saudi Government. The episode titled ‘The Statement’ was all about terrorism and the victims of the attack.

After the controversial episode, fans are waiting to see what will happen in the next one. Madam Secretary Season 3 Episode 7 will air next. It will feature the show’s very own director and executive producer Eric Stoltz, acting in front of the camera as Will.

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Will is Elizabeth’s brother. GamenGuide had reported on the next episode of the show and said that the plot would be about Venezuela. The episode titled ‘Tectonic Shift’ will show Venezuela as a strong quake hits the country.

In the episode, Will will have a difficult time on deciding whether he should join a humanitarian effort in able to deliver relief and aid to earthquake victims. His other choice is landing a job at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

As reported, the episode is said to have quite a few flashbacks of Elizabeth as a big sister to young Will. Fans might notice that the plot will be less political than it usually is. However, it will still depict the struggles that people who volunteer for humanitarian works go through. These people put their career and families on the line in able to extend help to others.

Fans might also recall that Morgan directed two season premieres all the while guesting in some of the show’s episodes. Therefore, this is not the first time that an executive of the show ‘Madam Secretary’ has appeared onscreen.

‘Madam Secretary’ Season 3, episode 7 titled ‘Tectonic Shift’ will air on November 20 on CBS.

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