Pastor Finds One Of The Biggest Diamonds In Sierra Leone; Government Plans To Auction Gem

By Carrie Winters - 17 Mar '17 09:47AM

A Pastor in Sierra Leone recently discovered the biggest uncut diamond. He turned over the diamond to the government of West Africa hoping that the diamond will help in the country's development.

According to a report, a 706 carat uncut diamond was found in Yakadu Village by Pastor Emmanuel Momoh. The diamond that has been discovered was presented to President Ernest Bai Koroma. The gem has been found in Sierra Leone's diamond-rich east.

It is indicated that the diamond that has been discovered is the second largest found in Sierra Leone. It can be recalled that a 968.9 carat diamond was found in Sierra Leone in 1972. It was sold for the amount of $2.5 million that time.

Pastor Momoh turned over the diamond to the government because he hopes for a development in their place. He shared that the government can do more with the gem especially in these times of economic development.

A report indicated that the government plans to auction the diamond and will get the four percent of the price. There is no specific amount on how much the gem will cost but it is believed to be tens of millions of dollars.

The gem is currently placed in a vault at the Freetown's central bank. The president also thanked the local chief who handed the diamond to the government on behalf of Momoh. The gem that has been kept in a vault will undergo an official valuation under the Kimberly Process.

Meanwhile, the diamond will have a transparent auction for the people to know and be aware of the cost. This is the 13th largest diamond ever found in the world. The price for the said diamond is hard to estimate as of the moment since it has been known that the price would depend on the quality and not the size of the gem.

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