'The Matrix' Reboot News & Update: Keanu Reeves May Not Return; Movie Takes On Different Angle?

By Carrie Winters - 16 Mar '17 22:22PM

"The Matrix" may get a reboot 18 years after the original film was aired. The film is on its first parts of development according to reports.

"The Matrix" first aired in 1999 and it brought people into the world of simulated reality. A report indicated that "The Matrix" reboot is in the early stages of planning and it is indicated that Keanu Reeves may not be involved in the reboot.

Aside from Reeves, it is also reported that the Wachowskis who directed the original film will also not be involved in "The Matrix" reboot. There are hints that Zak Penn is going to write the film's story and Michael B. Jordan is the one to replace Reeves as Neo in the reboot.

A report indicated that the original producer of the film Joel Silver has approached Warner Bros. to revisit "The Matrix." However, Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed of his involvement in the reboot. It seems that the reboot will be a totally new one and will have new production.

It can be recalled that "The Matrix" was about a dystopian future. The humans in this state dwell in a simulated reality. This reality is called the Matrix. This alternate state of reality has been created to oppress humans.

Neo (Reeves), a computer programmer then joins in this reality and in the rebellion. Neo's main allies in The Matrix were Morpheus who was portrayed by Laurence Fishburne and Trinity played by Carrie-Ann Moss.

Meanwhile, it is reported that "The Matrix" reboot may be taken from a different angle. There are many possibilities on how the reboot will be. There are no further details of the reboot yet. For now, the development is at its earliest stages.

Fans can wait on what the reboot of "The Matrix" will be. In the meantime, more updates will come up as the development of the reboot moves along.

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