PlayStation Comes With New Offers For PS3, PS4, And Vita; Discounted Promo Offered For Limited Time Only; Details Here

By Jeff Thompson - 16 Mar '17 05:32AM

The latest information from PlayStation Store confirms that it has introduced a number of new deals for PS3, PS4, and Vita consoles. It includes a 2-for-1 promotion. The promotion brings an additional game free option, a price drop in some highly popular games, and a new promotion of Play Collective initiative for the gamers.

The offer gives additional games for some selected game purchase on PSN, and the offer will continue until April 11. The games offered include Firewatch, Amplitude, Gone Home, 100 ft Robot Golf, Invisible Inc, and The Banner Saga 2. It should be noted that all the featured costs $20. When people choose a game that has the offer, they will receive a notification regarding the offer and an option to choose the free game according to the guidelines. The total list of games are available on the PlayStation Store, and the gamers can check the offers and proceed with the deal.

Interestingly, a Batman sale offer has been started with a price drop on major Batman titles. It includes a price drop for Arkham Knight to $10, and Arkham Asylum dropped to $6. Additionally, Arkham Origins get a price drop to $8 on Vita and to $10 for PS3 versions. The Lego Batman 3 also gets a price cut to $6 in all the platforms. A number of DLCs of major Batman games are also getting price drops during the period. Additionally, people can find Rise of the Tomb Raider and Steep priced at $30 for the week. A number of persona games available for sale including Persona 4 PS3 version for $5.

The Play Collective initiative is a promotion quite similar to Spring Fever. This gives an option for Plus members to get a discount of 20 percent on the next six games and will be launched over the coming six weeks when they pre-order the games. The offered games include PaRappa the Rapper Remastered and Full Throttle Remastered.

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