Spotify Integrates With Waze; Can Users Get To Use Both Apps At The Same Time?

By Carrie Winters - 16 Mar '17 05:40AM

Spotify and Waze have teamed up to use both apps as one. What the partnership will do is that one can get driving directions while listening to the music at the same time.

According to a report, a user can have the Spotify and Waze apps in one. It means that once a user downloads the Spotify app, Waze will automatically be useful. This also works the other way around. Spotify playlists will also be available on the Waze app.

It is indicated that if the phone detects that the car is not moving, the user can toggle from one app to another. This is the latest expansion on the Waze app which has been bought by Google back in 2013. The new integration between Waze and Spotify can run on Android. For iPhone users, there may be a possibility for the app to be available soon.

A report indicated that browsing music on the Waze app is only possible when the car is not moving. This latest update to technology will make it handy for people on the road to listen to music. The music from Spotify will be ready to use even if Waze is open.

Meanwhile, the integration of the two apps will be easier for the users to understand. When Spotify is on, a short version of the Waze app will be usable. If the Waze app is on, the user gets a short version of the Spotify app. The users can also get a short description of what they are listening to.

In the meantime, the integration will roll out to all users in the coming weeks. There may be some users that do not have both apps yet on the Android devices. This is a big team up for the two companies and will give users the additional edge in navigating and enjoying the music at the same time.

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