Ivanka Trump Fashion Line Takes Away High End Jewelry Collection; To Focus Back On Lower Priced Items?

By Carrie Winters - 15 Mar '17 08:57AM

Ivanka Trump's fashion line has spiked its sales in the past months. However, she is taking away her jewelry line despite the strong sales.

According to a report, it has been confirmed that Ivanka Trump's brand has decided to cancel her line of jewelry. This has been the decision in order for the brand to focus on the more affordable fashion line. In fact, the president of the brand Abigail Klem shared that the company is going to focus more on products that have accessible price points.

In her statement, Klem noted that Ivanka Trump's brand will focus more on the products that are most relevant to loyal customers. These products include the fashion jewelry. Aside from the fashion jewelry these also will include the fashion items that are in the company's new categories.

A report indicated that the fine jewelry line of Ivanka Trump included rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The high-end items include a woven diamond necklace that costs $19,500. The lower end includes a simple rose gold ring that costs $940.

These fine jewelry collection from the Ivanka Trump brand may be too high for loyal customers. It is indicated that most of the company's brand include apparel, bags, and shoes that are said to be cost sensitive to average buyers. A dress from the company's spring collection is priced at $138 and a pair of faux fashion earrings is at $38.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the fine jewelry collection of Ivanka Trump has been the start of her fashion line. The line was then followed by another line of products like clothes, shoes, and handbags. The fine jewelry collection has been founded in 2007 and it included some items that were priced at $25,000.

The sales of the Ivanka Trump brand have been high recently. It spiked despite the brand being taken out by Nordstrom. In the meantime, the company will make sure that the brand will be a separate identity from Ivanka's father, President Donald Trump.

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