‘GTA 5 Online’ News And Updates: The Latest Update Adds New Stunt Races, Cars And More

By Jeff Thompson - 15 Mar '17 05:40AM

The latest update for GTA 5 Online has added a number of features including 20 new stunt races to make use of Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic, and Blazer Aqua cars. It also adds an option to purchase cars without heist and a special bonus week as the races with double GTA$ and RP introduced. The new update is named as Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit, and it is aimed to add a new dimension to the ever-growing online platform.

Interestingly, the gamers would experience the flying cars this time with parachute equipped in the vehicles, and this helps the gamers to execute aerial stunts. The gamers using Blazer Aqua cars can zip through the water like an amphibious vehicle. The Rocket Voltic cars come with rockets attached to it and can blaze on the roads. The gamers can access the new races through the Special Vehicle Circuit Series option on the map. Also, the races would give double GTA$ and RP until March 22.

The update also brings Progen GP1 available from Legendary Motorsport for purchase. In addition to that, gamers can purchase any vehicle before completing a heist. It should be noted that previously it was not allowed to buy cars before the robbery. Apart from that, the update gives a 25 percent discount on new sales until March 22. The products that are available for discounted sales include Stilt Houses, Progen T20, Penthouse Apartments, Exhausts, Body Armor, Submachine Guns, Import/Export Clothing, Turbo Upgrades and Engine Upgrades among others.

According to reports, the developer also added stunt races between special-class vehicles. Starting this week, a new race called Redneck that features races of Rocket Voltic isadded to the game. The top three finishers would get GTA$ and additionally all the participating gamers would get Triple RP. The developer is also planning to add more diversity to the game in the coming weeks with the Creator like stunt races and option to add gamer's own stunt races etc.

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