'Pokemon Go' News & Update: New Updates For The Game Soon, Legendary Pokemon Included

By Carrie Winters - 14 Mar '17 17:16PM

"Pokemon Go" released new updates last month. There were 80 new Pokemon that were being included in the update. The latest discovery about the game is that the Gen 2 Pokemon does not hatch from eggs.

According to a report, even though there were already updates in "Pokemon Go," players had to discover what is new about the gameThe players also discovered that there were 16 Gen 2 Pokemon that were not included in the egg pool of the game. There were also several Pokemon that were not seen in the latest update of the game from the previous month.

In the meantime, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that there will be three updates for "Pokemon Go." These updates will be coming out this year. The update will include the Legendary Pokemon into the game.

These three major updates for "Pokemon Go" may mean that there will be one reserved for the Legendaries. It also is possible that Niantic is preparing something big for the game on its anniversary in the summer.

Meanwhile, Hanke also revealed during the SXSW event that there are several ideas about Pokemon Go and these are yet to come. In fact, the team has not touched on these new ideas yet. These major updates may include enhancements in the game's Trading, Gym Re-work, and PVP.

The latest update that has been done for "Pokemon Go" is reported to include the four rarity tiers. These tiers are the Common, Uncommon, rare and Ultra-Rare. These are just a few updates that have been discovered by players as the game moves along.

"Pokemon Go" had been very popular worldwide. Hanke indicated that the popularity of the game will be back to how it was before. Even if there had been no updates, there are still several players that are fond of the game until now.

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