'Dragon Ball Super' News & Update: Goku To Fight Toppo In The Upcoming Episode; Universal Survival Arc Begins

By Carrie Winters - 14 Mar '17 07:25AM

"Dragon Ball Super" is already on its Universal survival Arc. This means that the tournament between universes has started. Episode 82 will have Goku battle against Toppo.

According to a report, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 was supposed to air on March 12 but it has been moved to March 19. This said episode will have Goku fight against Toppo. As the two fighters prepare for their battle, the Great Priest comes in and stops their fight. They are instructed to settle the battle at the Tournament of Power.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 is titled "I Won't Forgive Son Goku! The Warrior of Justice Toppo's Intrusion." In the meantime, it is hinted that Bulma and Vegeta will bear a child in the upcoming episode. It is further hinted that Goku and the others will have to protect the child in the future. However, as a new life comes into "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 83, the battle at the Tournament of Power continues. Each fighter needs to win a fight in order to save their own universe.

It can be recalled that Goku asked the Omni-King for the said tournament. This has begun when the Universal Survival Arc started. However, the tournament happens to be the start of the destruction of universes and the heroes need to work hard on their fighting skills.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 84 Vegeta and Bulma will already have their second child. Goku will have the pressure upon him to win each tournament to protect the child. Goku then chooses fighters that are strong in order for their team to win. He also is hinted to visit Krillin in this episode.

Goku then will visit Dende to know about the location of Android 17 in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 85. The Tournament of Power has been a gathering of powerful fighters. They all continue to battle in order for their universes to be saved.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 is set to air on March 19.

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