Nintendo Switch News And Updates: What Makes It The Best Console For Everyone?

By Jeff Thompson - 14 Mar '17 07:23AM

Nintendo Switch, the latest console from the Japanese game developer, has a number of reasons every game enthusiasts should have one in their travel bag. The success of the gaming console also confirms that it became sensational for the gamers and they love using it. A recent sales forecast confirmed that at least 8 million sales are expected in the initial 13 months.

Though many factors are contributing to the success of the gaming console, predominantly its adaptability plays a significant role in this handy device. It gives a decent performance when it is docked to TV or playing in handheld mode. Many people liked the idea of playing the games while traveling and continuing the game in the TV room. In many cases, there is no significant performance lag with respect to PS4 or Xbox One is noted, apart from few high graphic sequences. It is also showing an excellent sync to motion controls, and that is clearly observed while playing Breath of the Wild.

Also, there is a good number of games into the console along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Obviously, Zelda has got some incredible start in the industry, and that has helped the gamers to proceed with the Switch console. It is reported that more games are queued for Switch releases, and those releases can be expected in the coming months which can really make the gaming platform more lucrative and engaging.

Though there are a number of bugs and issues reported in the initial days, it can be expected that Nintendo would work on these and would ensure a smooth experience in the coming days. A new technology into the hand means it won't always be perfect but giving a great chance to experience it as fresh. Once the bugs and other issues are fixed and more games are added to the environment, the console, for sure, will get more acceptability and reach.

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