Baby Injuries Mostly Related To Baby Products According To A Study; Products Include Cribs, Carriers And Strollers

By Carrie Winters - 14 Mar '17 07:21AM

A new study indicates that nursery products are one of the causes for baby injuries. It has been noted that there is a significant increase of injuries each year.

According to a report, there has been a 23.7 percent increase in baby injuries due to nursery products each year. The study has been between the years 2003 and 2011. It is indicated that the injuries were mostly on the neck, face or the head. This means that there were several babies that fell from these nursery products.

The incidents of these babies to be injured mostly happen at home. Jerri Rose, a physician and assistant professor of pediatric medicine at the Case Western Reserve University Medical School shared that these injuries towards babies are normal. The usual part of a baby that will immediately be injured is the head.

Rose noted that babies have big heads and they usually fall headfirst. Babies also have less control of their bodies and are the reason why they oftentimes are injured on the head and neck part. The study also indicates that the more nursery products there are in the market, the more injuries there are related to these products towards babies.

In the meantime, a report indicated that babies do need nursery products but these products may be designed intelligently in order to prevent the baby injuries. According to the study, most of these injuries were mostly related to concussions.

These nursery products are mostly enhanced already after 2011 to fit with the safety standards. It is safe to note that parents need to read the manual before using the product in order to know how to use these safely for babies.

Meanwhile, most of the children that are treated for these injuries are from the age of three and below. Most of the products that have been linked to baby injuries are baby carriers, crib, and strollers. It is still safe to keep an eye on these babies as they grow up.

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