‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ News And Updates: Are These Changes Noted?

By Jeff Thompson - 13 Mar '17 08:05AM

It is over a week now from the release of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," and it has got the recognition of a good game by the time. Its release clubbed with Nintendo Switch has greatly helped the game to reach the mass and got excellent feedback from game reviewers and fans. However, there are changes and issues which most gamers would have to experience while playing the game.

Rather than the Zelda series, the current game is not looking completely fit to a Zelda environment. The Hyrule is looking like a real kingdom now, and fans can enjoy the diversity and the scope of wildlife now better. The Hyrule and Hylians are perfectly crafted in the game considering the previous games, and the developer has made serious efforts to bring a positive change in the total appearance of the game. It is engaging too, and most of the gamers would enjoy the change.

Many people are worried about the way the weapons getting damaged, and its life period. It is yet to see whether constantly breaking weapons in the game would create a real headache to the popularity of the game or not. The shrines in the game have added additional worlds in the game and sometimes look like going beyond the gaming world. It also creates a situation for gamers to travel between places. The extended levels that were engaging the previous Zelda games are completely missing here.

Interestingly, unlocking the maps by climbing towers are not usually found in Zelda games, but it is seen in other developers' games. Though the game is giving a good progression, the break of weapons even between fights would be challenging for the gamers. There is a sense of feeling that the game could have clearly followed the soul of Zelda series to make it more amazing, though the Hyrule world looks amazing to explore.

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