Nintendo Switch News And Updates: Gamers Complain Of Widespread Issues; Nintendo Claims There Is None

By Jeff Thompson - 11 Mar '17 16:57PM

It is over a week now from the release date of Nintendo Switch, and the console has received excellent review and sales from the date of its release. Though people are queuing for it, there are few technical issues raised by the gamers in social media like Joy-cons getting disconnected, and saved games gets locked to console among others. Now, Nintendo gave an official statement that there are no widespread technical issues.

It was in a recent interview that Nintendo confirmed that it did not experience any widespread issues. "Nintendo is very specific about the total consumer experience of our products, and we ensure that our customers are getting a smooth experience," Nintendo said in a statement. "It is a problem that customers would have more questions on any new devices and Switch also has no exception. However, we did not find any widespread issues with the device that includes the syncing issues found with Joy-cons."

"To help our customers, we update our online customer support site and give replies to various queries and concerns on a real-time basis," The firm further explained. "We need our customers using the Switch console for high-level of entertainment gaming, if there are any concerns, we encourage them to contact our Consumer Service." Gamers can contact the support site of Nintendo for further assistance.

There are other reports like the screen of the Switch gets scratched when it is taking out of the dock. However, Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo America has responded that he had checked with the team regarding the same and got a response that none of the team members experienced such an issue. Few people found to have complained that the charging port placed at the bottom of the device is not convenient for them. But, this is found to be a problem with the gamers who are using the console in a tabletop mode. It won't be an issue for the people who use it in the handheld mode or docked mode.

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