'No Man's Sky' News & Update: The Latest Pathfinder Update Already Available; Features New Vehicle; Shared Bases Possible

By Carrie Winters - 10 Mar '17 16:29PM

The latest update for "No Man's Sky" is the Pathfinder Update. Hello Games revealed that the update will be released this week. This is again a major update for the game.

According to a report, there is not much detail on the new Pathfinder Update for "No Man's Sky." However, it will feature a new vehicle that will help players in planetary explorations. The Pathfinder Update brings more to the game than expected.

The Pathfinder Update for "No Man's Sky" will bring in more vehicles. It will not only feature the simple dune buggy. It will bring in the Exocraft vehicles to the game. These vehicles speeds up the player's planetary exploration.

The Exocraft vehicles have three types that can be used in No Man's Sky. The Nomad, the Roamer, and the Colossus are the three vehicles that have been added with the Pathfinder Update. These vehicles have each of their unique attributes that players can use.

A report indicated that these land-based vehicles are useful especially for the players to navigate quickly in their planet. The vehicles added for "No Man's Sky" will give a new reason for planetary navigation. These three vehicles can also be used for combat and mining and can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Pathfinder Update for "No Man's Sky" also includes a new feature that is Permadeath mode. This mode will enable players to experience the consequences of death in a different mode. The players are also able to unlock trophies from Survival and Permadeath modes.

Meanwhile, the Pathfinder Update for "No Man's Sky" is already live and can be downloaded through Steam. The latest update also includes sharing bases with players. It is indicated that bases can already be shared online and there are many options to explore.

"No Man's Sky" Pathfinder Update provides more features for the game. In the meantime, it is already available and players can get it now.

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