‘GTA V Online’ News And Updates: New Mods, Cars, Stunt Races, Bonuses And More

By Jeff Thompson - 09 Mar '17 16:09PM

GTA V Online is planning to introduce new mods, cars, and races in the coming weeks to increase the popularity of multi-player mode. There are two adversary mods planned to be added to the game -Resurrection and Top Down. The game also brings rocket powered cars with great speed to overcome other racers and enemies.

The Resurrection mod is described by the developer Rockstar Games as "gallows fun take on dodgeball," and Top Down is mostly a top-down homage to 2D GTA games. Earlier, the GTA V got Deadline mod - a tron-like mod, where the gamers can kill each other using the trails but can also be killed by other gamers in the same manner. The mod has attracted the fans of GTA, and it is still one of the best online mods of the game.

No further details about the upcoming mods are provided by the developer. But, there are few features revealed; in the Top-down, at least one of the gamer will have the camera fixed in top-down angle. Also, the Resurrection will place the players on two sides similar to traditional dodgeball. Interestingly, some of the new mods are specific to cars like Blazer Aqua that can run on land and water. It is also confirmed that the developer is also bringing a number of vehicles to GTA Online, and that includes Turismo Classic and Infernus Classic.

The developer is bringing a new race to the game called Stunt Race Event 2017. It is confirmed that there are as many as 15 stunt races with Double GTA$ & RP including other bonuses and discounts are presented to the gamers. It should also be noted that the gamers who access the online game during the event period, can unlock the limited edition of Pink Jock Cranley Stuntmen Jumpsuit.

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