Google Pixel 2 News and Updates: Is It Coming Without Headphone Jack?

By Jeff Thompson - 09 Mar '17 05:30AM

The officials confirmed the updates for Google Pixel 2, and it is expected to be released in October or November this year. Now, the reports are suggesting that the new phone will be coming without a headphone jack. Instead, it will have a USB-C port like iPhone 7 and many other smartphones of recent times.

It is reported that Google is learning the steps taken by Apple to remove headphone jack from the latest MacBook and iPhone 7. Though there was a huge slump is sales expected due to the ditch of headphone jack, iPhone 7 did not receive any major blow due to it. It is found out that people are now comfortable with USB-C port considering many more handsets and laptops joined the league. The USB-C ports are reportedly providing better sound quality, and the tech major might think to include the inevitable technology in the very next product.

It should be noted that HTC is making Pixel phones, and many of its latest phones including HTC Bolt, U Ultra, and 10 Evo came with USB-C port last year. The phones are using sensors in the headphones provided to ensure customized sound effects for the users. The reports are confirming that HTC is utilizing the technique of measuring the sound heard in the user's ear, and based on that data the EQ level is being tweaked. Many people reported that there is a great experience with the new technique in terms of sound.

The move is expected to increase the chances of making the device waterproof. It is considered that removing the headphone jacks with USB-C ports, is increasing the feasibility of being it water proof. There are also reports suggesting that the phone will be coming with headphones that have options to check heart rate during the workout. This means that the phone can be expected with some innovative headsets of great sound quality and features.

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