Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line Spikes Its Sales Despite Boycott

By Carrie Winters - 09 Mar '17 05:30AM

Ivanka Trump's fashion line has raised its sales for the past months. This is despite of the decision by Nordstrom not to sell her brand.

According to a report, despite of a boycott, Ivanka Trump's fashion line soared on its online sales for individual items. A fashion search engine Lyst has ranked Ivanka's line 11th in the list. Lyst links shoppers to 12,000 retailers online.

This report is a leap of 346% in sales for Ivanka Trump's brand. It was at 550 in the past month. This sales increase had been recorded right after her brand had been taken out from Nordstrom. It seems that Ivanka Trump's publicity, be it good or bad, helped her with her brand's sales.

The sales of the brand have not been revealed since it is a private company. However, the president of the brand, Abigail Klem, shared that it has performed better than ever. It is indicated that the spike of sales Ivanka Trump's fashion line may have been caused by the headlines she made in February.

A report indicated that Ivanka Trump Eu de Parfum Spray for Women is the No. 1 on Amazon's Beauty Department while the No. 2 best seller is the Ivanka Trump for Women Roller Ball. The two products retail for $15 up to $46.50 on the website.

There are supporters of Ivanka Trump that are buying her products in order to show their sympathy for the president's daughter. Ivanka Trump is the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump. She has experienced negative feedback about her fashion line from her father's opponents.

 Meanwhile, Klem also noted that the company is trying their best to do everything for the brand to sell. She shared that Ivanka Trump's fashion line are being separated from the president's identity. It has been selling more in the past month.

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