Lily Collins' Book 'Unfiltered' Is Out; Actress Writes An Open Letter To Father Phil Collins

By Carrie Winters - 09 Mar '17 05:30AM

Lily Collins has written an open letter towards her father Phil Collins. The letter is part of her first released book titled "Unfiltered."

According to a report, the book penned by Lily Collins is a compilation of essays that are deep, raw and reflective. In fact, she included a part of her life in the newly published book. Collins shared that it had been difficult to include her personal life in the book.

However, she also hopes that the personal experiences that she is indicating in "Unfiltered" will inspire other women. Lily Collins included her abusive relationship and how she went through it in her book. She shared that she used to blame herself for ending up in a toxic relationship.

Collins also noted that each individual's relationship is unique. "Unfiltered" is about her own relationship that was not going well and is also her work for other to learn from. She also expressed that writing and talking about these things at this time is difficult for her. However, she noted that she has no regrets.

In the meantime, aside from Lily Collins talking about her toxic relationship in "Unfiltered", she also wrote an open letter to her father Phil Collins. She wrote about forgiving him for not being the dad that she expected him to be.

Lily is the daughter of Phil Collins with Jill Tavelmann. Phil left Jill when Lily was five years old. She said that she disconnected with her father then. She also grew up with four other children with Phil's other wife. "Unfiltered" was released Tuesday and Lily hopes readers would learn from her own experiences that she shared in the book. She also intends to help girls to reach out to their fathers as what she did.

"Unfiltered" can already be purchased. It gives fans of Lily a deeper knowledge about what she went through and how she coped with difficult situations.

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