Former UK Premier John Major Bats For A Better Brexit Deal; Asks For "More Charm" And Less Cheap Rhetoric

By Jeff Thompson - 28 Feb '17 18:07PM

The former Prime Minister of U.K. John Major asked for more charm and less cheap rhetoric in the Brexit Deal. The former conservative premier was specifying the need for a good deal in the entire Brexit process. He also asked the ministers of Theresa May government to restrain on projecting the country prospects in an unrealistic manner out of EU.

It is reported that the Prime Minister Theresa May is planning to begin the Brexit process by the end of next month by trying to keep a free-trade agreement with the EU. It should be noted that Major was voting to stay with the EU and he said that while dealing with the negotiations in the process, it needs a statesmanship of the highest order to ensure the smooth transition. He feels that Britain can't match the benefit of a single EU market.

Major also warned May that after Brexit, Britain would be forced to depend more on the U.S. He says that it won't be a great thing to deal with U.S. as President Donald Trump is allegedly less reliable, less predictable, and very constrained about free-market and socially liberal ideas with respect to his predecessors. In his speech, Major also criticized the supporters of Brexit. "I can see a growing anxiety as the people expect to see unrealistic and over-optimistic changes after Brexit," Major said. "The problems will be sorted out but the opportunities post-Brexit is an inflated one that doesn't have any relation to the reality."

Interestingly, stories have come with a direct attack on Major and described him as a "bitter man". "It is a cowardly defeated speech of a bitter person who lost heavily by the people for his own failings in 1997. He got defeated again in Brexit and now he wants to take out his missteps to May," said Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP. The former Conservative party leader Iain Smith said that the speech of Major is "sad" and "peculiar"


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