Winston Churchill's Hidden Essays Speak Of Aliens; Wonders If "We Are Alone In The Universe?"

By Carrie Winters - 17 Feb '17 05:30AM

Essays by Winston Churchill that have long been hidden reveal his thought about alien life. These essays have been archived at the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri since the 1980's.

According to a report these essays from Churchill was given by his wife to Churchill's publisher when she died. The National Churchill Museum invited an Israeli astrophysicist Mario Livio to review the essays. The copyright of these essays at this time is preventing for the said essays of Churchill to be published.

Timothy Riley, the director and chief curator of the National Churchill Museum shared that the essays reveal Churchill's personality. He noted that Churchill had a curious mind as a politician. The essays also reveal that Churchill was inclined to science and believe d that science can lead to progress.

A report indicated that these essays by Churchill had been written in 1939. The 11-page essay had been titled "Are We alone In the Universe?" The essays that are already reviewed by Livio had been noted to have modern conclusions about the future.

There are also insights in the essay about extraterrestrial existence. The essays had been hidden for more than three decades. This is the first time that there is an explanation about these essays that Churchill wrote a long time ago.

Meanwhile, a report indicated that Livio has found these essays as interesting since he saw a great politician who has been writing about scientific topic. Livio further shared that Churchill expressed in the essay that the most important characteristics of men are to "breed and multiply."

He also moved on to describe about water being the necessity of life. The essay further stated that life can exist only at a certain degrees of frost and boiling point of water. Churchill is also noted to express in the essay that the only other planet that life can exist aside from Earth are Venus and Mars.

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